IPOC (Individual Plan of Care)

  What is an IPOC?
 An IPOC is the short form for Individual Plan of Care.
Who fills this out and why?

Parents/Guardians that has a child(ren) with a known condition such as, but not limited to:

  • asthma

  • diabetes

  • risk of anaphylaxis

  • epilepsy

  • or a health condition that is specific to your child

 Where would I find this information to fill out?
 In your Parent Portal, there will be a section that shows IPOC. If your child has any of the above conditions or a special condition that the school should be aware of, this section in the portal NEEDS to be completed. Please keep in mind, there are multiple pages for this. Some of the examples the IPOC is looking for are emergency contacts, what type of medication is required, the dosage, where will the medication be found if needed, is it self administered, do you want classmates knowing the condition and many others. These are questions that we need you to answer so that it allows our staff to be prepared and help your child in the event a situation occurs until you arrive.
 What if I make a mistake?

 Do not worry, the online Portal will identify if you are missing information on each page, as it will not allow you to continue. *Red* will appear when information is missing and it will not allow for you to go to the next page to fill out.

 What if I made a mistake

 I have received an email from the school asking about my child's IPOC. What do I do?

 If you have received an email for your child's school regarding an IPOC, it will state in there questions that the school is wanting more clarification for. Such as, if a student has an epipen, will it be carried on themselves at recess? In their backpack? In the office? This is just an example.

 If I made no errors and provided all the information, why was my child's IPOC not approved?
 There could be a few reasons. The first being, the school is waiting for the medication to be on site and confirmed. The second could be they are requesting that you have a PRN form completed and are waiting on that paper work.
 What is a PRN?

This is a specialized form that parents/guardians need to fill out and have their family doctor sign to explain the administration of medication while at school. That may include the student administering it themselves, or a staff member having the permission to assist with the administration.

Please click here for the PRN form.


 Why is it important to keep updated email addresses on file?
 All communication from the school, including IPOC related goes to the email that is pulled from your child's registration. If you change your email, it is very important you contact the school to keep us notified to ensure receiving communication.
 I have paperwork that needs to be submitted to the school. What do I click in the IPOC forms? 
 If you need to submit paperwork to the office, please click "TO BE SUBMITTED" only. That informs us we will make a note that we still need it and will complete and approve the IPOC once it arrives in our hands.
 I don't have a computer, how can I complete this?
 You can access the parent portal through your phone, but also, you can go to your local library to use a computer there as an option.
 I still have questions about how to fill out the IPOC, can I contact the school for assistance? 
 If you have specific questions about your child's condition and how to reflect that in the IPOC, please contact our office and we will help you over the phone.